At Four Leaf Clover Gardening, we provide a wide range of gardening services, including patio maintenance, we offer a jetwashing service to remove dirt and grime from your outdoor surfaces, ensuring they look clean and fresh. We also prioritize environmentally-friendly practices and utilize organic weed prevention methods on patios so plants grow where you want them and not in between your paving slabs! We also offer patio repairs and relevelling. Get in touch to find out more!  

Patio Jet-Washing

Get your patio, and other stone features clean from dirt build up and stains with our jetwashing service, an easy and effective way to instantly brighten and freshen up your garden

  • Treatments available for stubborn stains
  • Algea and moss removal and prevention

Patio Weed Removal and Regrowth Prevention

Weeds growing in patio cracks and gaps can be an ongoing problem in gardens. The organic solution to repeatedly spraying chemical weedkillers is by pulling them out with the roots, or by filling in the gaps and cracks where these unwanted weeds are taking root in the first place 

  • Replace lost and washed away patio sand 
  • Touch up aging and cracking mortar

Stone Features

Stone features, borders and paths;

  • prevent unwanted weedgrowth on exposed earth by creating a low maintenance, stylish stone feature
  • Tidy up muddy walkways with gravel areas and paths

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